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Please note the following instructions describe using the router to transfer $SAMA from the Sama Network to the Ethereum Network. The router is in fact bi-directional and can be used from Ethereum Network to the Sama Network by selecting in reverse from the source chain and destination chain.

Before starting the below, it's worth adding the $SAMA token on the Ethereum network to your web3 wallet (e.g., Metamask or Talisman), please see the guide for this here:

The Moonsama router is used to moving sama token between Ethereum and Sama blockchains.

1. First go to page (as shown above).

2. Click connect your wallet

3. Select your wallet from the list

For this example we will be using MetaMask

4. Choose destination chain (Source chain by default used the one set on wallet)

5. Choose amount of SAMA to transfer

6. Click to approve

7. Metamask will request to set spending for the contract. Please set amount that equals or greater to the one you want to transfer.

8. After confirmation you will see transaction in transaction history.

Please Note: The operations for setting spending cap and signing require gas, that means you have to spend native token for chain that you making transfer FROM (Source Chain), for claiming tokens you will pay gas in DESTINATION chain.

9. To claim transaction on destination chain click here