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The Raresama Originals collection pays homage to the artists who built Raresama. Curated in collaboration with Raresama Ambassadors and led by Yumi Arts, the Raresama Originals collection contains 39 museum-worthy pieces of crypto art representing a diversity of styles.

Raresama premiered with the Raresama Originals collection, a one-off star-studded drop curated to celebrate the platform's launch. The collection includes 2D, 3D, voxel, pixel art, and even hand-painted traditional artworks with themes spanning impressionism, expressionism, abstract, cyberpunk, fantasy, and more.

According to the release tweet from Raresama, "Raresama launches with the most diverse collection you’ll ever come across by the artists of Dotsama, containing digital 2D, 3D, voxel, pixel art and even hand-painted traditional artworks."

The Raresama Originals collection contains 39 NFTs including:

    1. Dreamer's Mind #1 by Yumi
    2. Clarity #2 by Marlua Kusama
    3. IMITATION #3 by Under
    4. RAMENSAMA #4 by Tako and Yaki's Shiba Tales
    5. Hero #5 by Mr Candyman
    6. Metagods - Welcome to the Void #6 - Wangdoodle
    7. The Council #7 by SFR Council
    8. Cyantium Flower #8 by Pink Orange
    9. Rare Light #9 by Luigi Lucarelli
    10. [cyber geisha] #10 by mad4ox
    11. FIDELITY #11 by RainbowNFT
    12. Spirit Master #12 by Sofpixels
    13. Insideout #13 by OTD
    14. The Original #14 by Shakti Gómez
    15. Empires #15 by Hooker's
    16. birth #16 by Hoshi
    17. Cosmic Cycling #17 by Ruben Topia
    18. The Collective #18 by drawingkeith
    19. The Fruit Feast #19 by GLMR APES DAO
    20. Golden Warrior #20 by Laranna
    21. Bad Cat #21 by Rachel - LadyKusama
    22. The Great Strate #22 by PABLO Mr Kusama
    23. Rare bird #23 by ValyaNarts
    24. Oriental Dream #24 by Akro DV
    25. GENESIS #25 by Anime Legacy
    26. Onryō #26 by Goku
    27. Cybersama 2059 #27 by Soze
    28. Tlalli the Shaman #28 by Colibry
    29. Demons #29 by Ksenia Shikh
    30. Thor Boarson - J.J Kirby #30 by Hog Lordz
    31. Depth #31 by Zooeys
    32. Skull #32 by Mourir Land
    33. Magic Light #33 by 0x33ff5a7e74e4e3f059c71f92711518c10a4e8458
    34. Never Letting Go #34 by Angelette
    35. Spirit of crows #35 by Tanka
    36. JOY #36 by Moldycreations
    37. Out of the darkness #37 by Sauciejam
    38. T W I L I G H T #38 by Eva
    39. Burnt Vessel #39 by MCD Arts

This incredible collection was auctioned over the first week of Raresama's launch in September 2022. Raresama is 100% community governed and curated; NFTs on the platform must be voted in by the community. For this, Raresama has its own $SAMA governance token that provides community members with voting and governance rights.

Owning an Original provides collectors with a rare piece of Raresama's history and a chance to support the platform's earliest visionaries. For the artists featured, Raresama Originals represents an opportunity to establish their practice at the vanguard of the NFT art movement.

The Raresama Originals collection sold out on the Raresama marketplace within the first day of the platform's launch. Secondary sales have seen pieces resell for as high as 5-10x the initial listing price as collectors compete to own a coveted early artifact of Raresama's journey to reshape virtual experiences.

For the artists and collectors involved, Raresama Originals captures a turning point when digital art first gained portal into new frontiers of creativity. Though the collection is finite, its impact continues as Raresama fuels more pioneers and more firsts—building on the foundation of imagination established with its earliest drop.

Raresama aims to nurture a new generation of crypto artists by giving them a platform to showcase their work and providing the utility to make their creations come alive. At the same time, it offers collectors unique digital art integrated into blockchain gaming and metaverse experiences. Raresama Originals commemorates where that journey began.

To check out Raresama originals, visit the Raresama collection by selecting the button below (If collection not visible on Moonbeam please swap to the sama network at the top of the page):