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What is the Raresama Ignite Program?

Raresama Ignite is a program that provides utility and exposure for promising NFT collections within Moonsama's metaverse ecosystems. Collections approved through community governance receive mentorship and integration into metaverses like Pondsama, Townhall, and Carnage. In return, the collections enrich the ecosystems by making them more interactive, immersive, and valuable for players.

The Benefits of Raresama Ignite

Collections voted into Raresama Ignite receive the following benefits:

Applying for Raresama Ignite

To apply for Raresama Ignite, artists should contact @SupraVoxelle on Twitter, via Telegram (@Voxelle) or Discord (@voxelle#5995) and submit a proposal on Raresama that includes details on the following:

Proposal Summary

Provide a summary of your collection including its style, theme, and development roadmap. Explain what makes your collection unique and why it would provide value within Moonsama's metaverses. Include visuals like concept art to illustrate your vision.


Outline how you will continue developing and improving your collection over time. Discuss plans for new mints, partnerships, community events, and other initiatives that will build value and community support for your project.

Potential Utility

Explain how your NFTs could provide utility and interactive experiences within platforms like Pondsama, Townhall, and Carnage. Provide specific examples of how they could function as skins, equipment, decorations, or other in-world assets. The more detailed your utility concepts, the better.

Team and Experience

Share information about the artist or team behind the collection including examples of previous relevant work and achievements. Established artists with a track record of success are viewed more favorably.

Marketing and Community Plans

Describe your strategies for promoting your collection and building an engaged community to rally around it. Discuss partnerships, social media, events, and other marketing initiatives.

$SAMA Allocation

Explain how much of your collection's royalties or revenue will be distributed to $SAMA token holders. Higher allocations, like 5-10% or more, are viewed more positively by voters.

If approved by community vote, your collection will gain the benefits of Raresama Ignite. The time to integrate proposals depends on the schedule of Moonsama's DAO but can take around 4 to 6 weeks. Submitting a strong proposal and building community support will increase your chances of being accepted into this opportunity to shape experiences in the metaverse.

Voting for Raresama Ignite

Voting on Raresama Ignite proposals is done through Raresama's on-chain governance using the $SAMA token. Here's how the voting process works:

  1. Check the Governance section on Raresama Ignite to view active proposals. This includes Raresama Ignite collection proposals that have been submitted for community vote.
  2. Review the details for collection proposals including the summary, roadmap, team information, and utility concepts. Assess if the collection would enrich Raresama and Moonsama's ecosystems.
  3. Vote for or against proposals using your $SAMA token balance. Voting power is determined by taking a snapshot of your $SAMA balance at the time the proposal is initiated. You can vote on as many proposals as you like. $SAMA used for voting is not locked or burned (to learn more about allocating your voting power please Governance section in the Raresama website wiki page).
  4. Voting lasts for a period of 1 to 2 weeks as determined by the proposal details. The outcome is determined by a majority of the $SAMA tokens that participate in voting.
  5. If a proposal is approved, the collection is accepted into Raresama Ignite. The Moonsama team begins collaborating with the creators on integrating the collection and providing additional support.
  6. Collections that gain approval start receiving the benefits of Raresama Ignite like integration into metaverses, promotion, higher royalties, and mentorship from the Moonsama team.
  7. Collections that do not gain approval can submit revised proposals to try again or take other steps to build community support before re-applying.

To check out the latest Raresama Ignite votes please select the button below.

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