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Introduction - Enhancing Community Engagement

In the vibrant Moonsama community, engagement is key. To further enhance this, we've integrated Zealy, a platform that gamifies participation and rewards active contributors. Zealy transforms community members into contributors by offering quests and competitions, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment.

What is Zealy?

Zealy is a platform designed to drive growth and engagement within web3 communities. It achieves this by turning passive members into active contributors through a system of quests and leaderboards. In addition to fostering engagement, Zealy also provides tools for communities to analyze their performance and scale their operations.

Zealy is not only used by Moonsama, but also by some of the most exciting projects and companies in the web3 space, such as Polygon, LVMH, Star Atlas, Michelin 3xplorer Club, and many more. These communities use Zealy to create unique experiences around mobility, gaming, art, music, finance, and more.

Zealy in Action within Moonsama

Zealy offers a variety of quests within the Moonsama community that users can complete to earn experience points (XP) and rewards. These quests span a range of activities, from simple tasks like following Moonsama on social platforms, to more involved actions such as attending events or inviting friends to join the community.

One of the key features of Zealy is its multi-blockchain support, which includes the Sama Network, Moonriver, and Moonbeam. This allows users to interact with the Moonsama ecosystem on their preferred platform, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Rewards System on Zealy

Zealy's rewards system is a standout feature that sets it apart. Moonsama community members can earn various types of rewards for their contributions, such as NFTs, tokens, merchandise, discounts, and more. These rewards are designed to reflect the value and impact of each contribution, serving to motivate and inspire continued community participation.

The Initiation of Zealy in Moonsama

The integration of Zealy into the Moonsama community was initiated by a community member named Vonyi. It was proposed as a Community Governance Proposal and has since been adopted by the community. The announcement tweet is shared above.

The introduction of Zealy into the Moonsama ecosystem has significantly enhanced community engagement, adding a new level of interaction and fun. It has incentivized participation and fostered collaboration among community members.

Get Started Today!

All you need is to connect your web3 wallet with zealy on the Moonsama community page and then begin completing the quests. Click below to navigate to Moonsama community page.

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