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The Future of Governance for Moonsama


Jur, a Web3 project on Polkadot, is building the future of governance: DeGov. It provides the infrastructure that powers Societies, Countries, and Network States. Jur's founder, Alessandro Palombo, has joined Moonsama as a governance advisor, and the two projects are partnering to build a network state for Moonsama.

To listen to more from Alessandro and Adam (Moonsama CEO, aka Kyilkhor) discussing governance together please see the twitter spaces recording below.

What is Jur?

Jur is a web3 project operating in the legal and governance area. It aims to build the Network State for the Digital Economy, a decentralized protocol that will be built on the Polkadot ecosystem. Jur empowers individuals and communities to create their own rules and values, and to coordinate and cooperate in a trustless way. It offers a modular network state stack, consisting of different pallets that provide various governance functions.

What is a Network State?

A network state is a new form of digital-native jurisdiction for the digital economy, powered by web3 technologies. It is not bound by physical borders or traditional institutions, but by shared values and goals of its citizens. A network state can offer services such as dispute resolution, treasury management, oracle provision, and trade facilitation to its members and other entities. It can also interact with other network states and existing jurisdictions through cross-chain communication and interoperability.

Why does Moonsama need a Network State?

Moonsama is more than just a collection of NFTs and games. It is a vibrant community of creators, collectors, gamers, and enthusiasts who share a vision of a decentralized and immersive multiverse. Moonsama needs a network state to coordinate its activities, manage its resources, resolve its conflicts, and protect its interests. A network state can also help Moonsama grow its influence and reach in the web3 space, by attracting more users and partners who align with its ethos.

How is Jur helping Moonsama build a Network State?

Jur is providing Moonsama with a set of modular and flexible pallets that enable the creation of a network state on the Polkadot ecosystem. These pallets include:

Moonsama can choose which pallets to use and how to configure them according to its needs and preferences. Jur's pallets are interoperable with other parachains and protocols on Polkadot, ensuring security and scalability for Moonsama's network state.

Jur is also supporting Moonsama with its expertise and experience in web3 governance and network state creation. Jur's founder, Alessandro Palombo, is a visionary leader who has been involved in several pioneering initiatives in the web3 space, such as Futura Law Firm, Startup Societies Foundation, Scytale Ventures, and more. Alessandro is advising Moonsama on how to design and implement its network state vision, as well as connecting it with other potential partners and collaborators in the web3 ecosystem.

What are the benefits of partnering with Jur?

By partnering with Jur, Moonsama is joining a growing movement of web3 innovators who are redefining human organization and societal transformation. Jur is not only a blockchain project, but also a meta-citizenship program that offers NFT passports to its supporters. These passports grant access to exclusive benefits such as voting rights, governance participation, rewards distribution, community events, educational resources, and more. Jur's meta-citizens can also join or create their own societies and countries on the Jur network, and experiment with different models of governance and collaboration.

Moonsama's partnership with Jur is an exciting opportunity for both projects to leverage their strengths and synergies, and create a network state that will empower their communities and advance their missions. Moonsama's network state will be an example of how web3 technologies can enable new forms of social organization that are more democratic, transparent, efficient, and inclusive.

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