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KILT Protocol: Revolutionizing Identity and Security in the Moonsama Multiverse


KILT Protocol is a decentralized blockchain identity protocol that has recently been integrated into the Moonsama universe, a visionary NFT project within the Polkadot ecosystem. This integration allows users to access the multiverse bridge using their decentralized Web3 identity, powered by SocialKYC, a feature of KILT Protocol. This monumental partnership brings about a new era of enhanced security and seamless user experiences.

Unleashing the Power of Integration

The integration of KILT Protocol with Moonsama opens up a world of possibilities at the intersection of decentralized identifiers and metaverses. Moonsama is exploring new avenues such as age-restricted content, gaming achievements, reputation systems, and on-chain social profiles. The upcoming releases from Moonsama will harness the full potential of KILT Protocol, ushering in a new era of exhilarating user experiences within the vibrant Moonsama ecosystem.

Empowering Individuals with KILT Protocol

KILT Protocol is a game-changer in the realm of self-sovereign, anonymous, and verifiable credentials. It empowers individuals by returning control over personal data to its rightful owners and reestablishing privacy in the digital realm. With its ingenious features such as revocable, anonymous, and decentralized identifiers, KILT Protocol is here to redefine the rules of identity and security.

Fortifying Security with AssetDIDs

To elevate security to new heights, Moonsama is actively exploring the integration of AssetDIDs—an ingenious new type of identifier designed for a diverse range of asset classes, including the mesmerizing world of NFTs. By embracing AssetDIDs, Moonsama reinforces security measures and effectively tackles challenges surrounding ownership and counterfeit concerns, creating an impregnable fortress for digital assets.

Championing Privacy and Data Ownership

At Moonsama, your privacy and data ownership are paramount! With the SocialKYC credential seamlessly linked to your decentralized identifier, bid farewell to centralized logins and embrace the future of secure multiverse access. Moonsama ensures that your personal data is treated with utmost respect—never stored, siloed, or shared. Say hello to a new era of Web3-based gaming platforms that prioritizes your privacy and peace of mind!

Into a Decentralised Gaming Future..

With the monumental integration of KILT Protocol into the enchanting Moonsama universe, a new era of boundless possibilities, enhanced security, and unrivaled user experiences dawns upon us. Together, Moonsama and KILT Protocol forge an unbreakable bond, redefining the very fabric of decentralized gaming and identity solutions.

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