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Moonsama Staking Proposal


The Moonsama blockchain is developing a staking system to align incentives and empower long-term participants in its ecosystem. Staking allows token holders to lock up their SAMA tokens in exchange for rewards and governance voting power. The team has put together a thoughtful proposal to create a robust and meaningful staking system for the community.

Overview of Staking Tokens

The staking system is centered around a few key tokens:

Staking Rewards and Incentives

Staking SAMA provides two main rewards: ESSENCE tokens and veSAMA voting power. Here's an overview:

The goal is to incentivize long-term SAMA staking. ESSENCE and Royal Mint NFTs are designed to reward stakers and align their interests with the project's success.

The above are just examples for bullion NFTs that could be used as rewards for staking. The first bullion NFT issued by the Moonsama Royal Mint is the "Copenhagen Bronze Mermaid"

Governance Impact

As mentioned, the veSAMA score determines voting power in Moonsama's on-chain governance system. This gives stakers a major role in shaping the future of the ecosystem.

Some key implications:

Overall, staking is meant to put governance in the hands of those with "skin in the game" and a long-term vision for the ecosystem.


The Moonsama team has clearly put much thought into a staking model that creates meaningful incentives. Leveraging NFTs and veSAMA voting power allows stakers to capture value beyond just token rewards. The proposal aims to empower long-term participants and align stakeholders around a common vision of ecosystem growth.

For more details on the mechanics and design principles of the staking proposal, please see the original document here:

The proposal provides additional context and discussion of topics like inflation models, potential use of staked SAMA as liquidity, and more. Feedback is welcomed from the community as the staking system continues to be refined.

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