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$SAMA: The Token Powering the Moonsama Ecosystem


$SAMA is the native and utility token for the Moonsama Ecosystem, a vibrant community-driven platform that offers a variety of products and services such as multi-chain blockchain solutions, NFT collections, games, Web3 assets, NFT marketplaces, and metaverses.

What is $SAMA?

$SAMA is not just a token, but a gateway to a vibrant ecosystem that offers fun and utility to its users. It powers a blockchain network designed to support the development and integration of various products and services in the Moonsama Ecosystem.

An Unique Origin: The Crafting and Formation of $SAMA

The $SAMA token, the native cryptocurrency of the Moonsama ecosystem, has its roots in the implementation of Play-to-Craft mechanics that connect all of Moonsama's applications and games. These mechanics were designed to provide players with a rewarding and engaging experience while fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment within the ecosystem.

The Journey from $POOP to $SAMA: A Unique Play-to-Craft Mechanic

In the early days of the Moonsama Ecosystem, players could earn a unique token called $POOP by participating in Carnage, a game session in the Moonsama Minecraft metaverse. This token, which started as a playful concept, quickly became a valuable asset within the ecosystem due to its multifaceted utility.

Origin of $POOP

The journey to earn $POOP was an engaging process that began with players farming resources in Carnage. These resources were used to craft items for in-game fishing, such as moonrods and bait. Players then used these items to fish for a resource called aFish.

The aFish were then traded with an ancient creature, the Sunken One, in exchange for Pondsama NFT fish at a ratio of 10:1. Once players obtained Pondsama NFTs, they started receiving $POOP reward tokens, initially at a rate of 10,000 $POOP per week.

Transition to $SAMA

Players could convert their $POOP into $SAMA tokens at a refinery in the Carnage game. This conversion process also gave players 10% more of its worth through in-game assets (DNA, blood crystals, mobidium), which could be used for future game upgrades and enhancements.

This unique system of earning and refining $POOP into $SAMA created an engaging and rewarding experience for players, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment within the Moonsama Ecosystem.

Original Distribution of $POOP

The original distribution of $POOP, the precursor to $SAMA, was carefully allocated to ensure a balanced and fair distribution. The breakdown was as follows:

This distribution strategy ensured that the benefits of the Moonsama Ecosystem were shared among its team, its community, and its early supporters.

$SAMA Token Supply

The $SAMA token has a total or maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. As of the 17th July 2023, the circulating supply of $SAMA is 500,274,656 to see the latest circulating supply, please visit:

This means that over half of the total supply of $SAMA tokens is currently in circulation. The remaining tokens are likely reserved for various purposes within the Moonsama Ecosystem, such as rewards for players, operational costs, and future developments.

How Does $SAMA Token Work?

SAMA has multiple functions and use cases within the Moonsama Ecosystem. Some of them are:

Raresama: A Platform for NFTs

Raresama is an NFT platform within the Moonsama ecosystem where users can become members, verify their profiles, and submit their artwork or collections for review.

To participate on Raresama, $SAMA tokens are required for key actions:

In summary, Raresama provides a platform for artists to showcase their NFTs, with key actions enabled through staking and transacting in $SAMA tokens. This ties the growth of the NFT ecosystem directly to the utility of the native Moonsama token.

Transition to Moonsama Network and Expansion to Ethereum

The Moonsama Ecosystem is currently transitioning from the Exosama Network to the Moonsama Network, a new blockchain network that will be launched on Polkadot. The Moonsama Network will provide a much-needed infrastructure centered around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), unlocking their true potential as utility providers and becoming the de facto hub for all NFTs within the Polkadot ecosystem. The Moonsama Network will be the world’s first blockchain governed by NFTs, and will use SAMA tokens as its native currency.

In addition to this transition, $SAMA will also be issued on Ethereum. This strategic move is designed to expand the liquidity of $SAMA into larger native L1 blockchains. By leveraging the extensive infrastructure and user base of Ethereum, this expansion will significantly benefit the Moonsama Ecosystem, its holders, and $SAMA users by providing increased accessibility and liquidity.

This dual presence on both Polkadot and Ethereum ensures that $SAMA can take advantage of the unique benefits of both ecosystems, providing a robust and versatile platform for its users.

Why is $SAMA Worth Your Attention?

$SAMA is a coin that represents a unique and innovative project in the Web3 space. It is backed by a world-class team of blockchain engineers, leaders and a passionate community of users and creators. It aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by offering seamless and secure solutions for metaverses, NFTs and gaming. It also leverages the power of Polkadot to achieve interoperability with other blockchains and benefit from its shared security mechanism.

Where to Buy $SAMA?

To purchase $SAMA you can do so from MEXC here:

Additional exchanges will be added so please checkout our exchanges wiki section here:

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