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Moonsama Crowdloan Paper - Bringing NFT Utility to Polkadot

The Moonsama Crowdloan Paper, released in March 2023, outlined Moonsama's plan to acquire a parachain slot on Polkadot. Its goal was to provide specialized infrastructure for unlocking the potential of NFTs.

While Moonsama has since won Auction #42 and launched its parachain, the crowdloan paper provides valuable context on the project's motivations and key components.

Unlocking NFT Potential

A core aim of the Moonsama Network parachain is to accelerate the development of impactful NFT applications. Many projects struggle with the complexities of building utility features into NFTs.

Moonsama seeks to provide an NFT-optimized platform taking care of these complexities. It offers standards, on-chain governance, and other infrastructure so projects can focus on utility rather than underlying blockchain development.

Crowdloan Incentives

To fund its parachain slot lease, Moonsama allocated 15 million SAMA tokens to crowdloan rewards. This incentivized the community to contribute DOT and help secure Moonsama's slot.

Rewards were structured to align long-term interests. Only 20% unlocked immediately, with the rest vesting over 96 weeks. This matched the duration of the lease period.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Moonsama brings an established ecosystem of products and communities to Polkadot. These include:

These components will integrate natively with the parachain, retaining their vibrant cultures while benefiting from shared security and interoperability.


While the specifics of the crowdloan have passed, the paper provides insight into Moonsama's vision for a parachain optimized for NFT utility. It is now bringing this vision to life as part of Polkadot's growing ecosystem.

You can read the original Moonsama Crowdloan Paper here:

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