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"Take back the city of Nova from its tyrannical occupier.

Reveal scheduled for 16:00 UTC, 21st September 2023."

Join the resistance and immerse yourself in a captivating world where 10,000 Exosama NFTs on Ethereum await. Evolve your EXO over time as you venture through the metaverse, equipped with NFT cosmetics, clothing, companions, weapons, backgrounds, and more, sourced from other blockchains and ecosystems.

Get ready to unravel the rich lore and mysteries behind EXOs, the city of Nova, and its malevolent ruler, Xeon. Led by the artistic genius of Justine Cruz, renowned for their exceptional work on Magic: The Gathering, this collection leverages Moonsama NFT 2.0 Protocol. Equip and evolve your EXO with unique outfits, weapons, hairstyles, companions, and an array of features.

The adventure extends beyond the boundaries of Nova, fully integrating into Moonsama metaverses and games, including the highly anticipated Battle for Nova. Experience the cutting edge of Web 3.0 as EXOs become a part of the extensive Moonsama ecosystem, where blockchain technology, community, metaverses, assets, marketplaces, and NFT collections converge.

Prepare to be spellbound by the captivating lore that unfolds on the planet Aurora. Once a flourishing haven for life, it now faces the aftermath of a brutal war that ravaged its surface. The survivors, sheltered beneath the ground, have emerged to build the city of Nova with the aid of Moonsama.

Yet, peace remains elusive, and the city's greatest mind, Adam, devised a radical solution to bring an end to the chaos - the creation of EXOs. These cyborgs, once protectors, now serve as pawns in the hands of a tyrant. It is now up to you to join the Resistance, liberate Nova, and reclaim the future for all.

Get ready to rewrite the destiny of Nova in the Battle for Nova! The countdown has begun, and the stars are waiting to witness your heroic journey

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