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What is Wildsama?

Wildsama is a collection of 400 lion NFTs launched in partnership between Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI), a nonprofit seeking to reconfigure nature's value, and Moonsama, a gaming and NFT ecosystem. The Wildsama NFTs are representations of real lions in Kenya's Maasai Mara region, with traits evolving based on ecological data from the lions provided by Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT), a conservation organization working to preserve biodiverse ecosystems. The collection includes males and females, cubs and adults from actual lion prides being studied by KWT.

Wildsama Lore

Wildsama tells the story of lions in the Maasai Mara and the complex relationship between predators and humans. The collection highlights the important conservation work being done by KWT to protect lion populations and build coexistence between people and wildlife. Personalized NFT lions can form close relationships with their owners as they mature over time, shaped by the real experiences of the animals they represent. If a real lion passes away, its digital counterpart will become a “spirit lion” in the metaverse.

Wildsama's Past

In March 2023, Moonsama held a staking event where 400 lucky stakers earned whitelist spots for the Wildsama mint. The 400 lion cub NFTs were made available exclusively on Raresama, Moonsama's NFT marketplace. The event was very successful, selling out quickly and raising over $100,000 to support KWT's conservation initiatives.

The Benefits of Wildsama to Conservation

Proceeds from Wildsama NFT sales go directly to supporting KWT's conservation initiatives, including their Lion Ambassador program which trains people to track lions and mitigate human-wildlife conflict, and their Collars for Conservation program which uses GPS tracking to study lion behavior.

Wildsama demonstrates a groundbreaking new model for valuing nature by connecting real ecological data to online communities and economies. This "play to conserve" model provides a sustainable funding mechanism for biodiversity preservation.

Where to find out more

More details on Wildsama and SNI's DEEP framework can be found at

The perks of Wildsama NFT Ownership

Owners of Wildsama NFTs receive:

If you don't have a Wildsama there will be opportunities to tame your own soul-bound lion and lioness companions with traits passed down from the original 400 animals. The SAMAverse will open up the experience to more players over time.

Where to buy a Wildsama NFT

Wildsama NFTs can be purchased on Raresama secondary markets using the button below. The collection sold out on the primary Raresama marketplace in March 2023, so listings from current owners are the only way to obtain one now. Prices may vary depending on the attributes and scarcity of the specific NFT.

What's next for Wildsama

The Wildsama NFTs will continue to grow, reproduce and pass away, with visual traits updating to match the development of their real counterparts in Kenya. They will be further integrated into Moonsama's gaming metaverses, starting with the upcoming Battle for Nova release. New utility and rewards will be introduced for Wildsama owners over time through Moonsama's long-term roadmap. SNI and Moonsama plan to continue collaborating to bring more animal companions into the ecosystem and build new models for valuing and protecting nature.

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