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Alpha Resources

The resources used for crafting have evolved over time. Initially, Alpha resources like Wood, Stone, Iron, and Gold were distributed to players who participated in the weekly Carnage events from October 30, 2021 to July 17, 2022. Players gathered these resources by harvesting and mining in the game world.

Grain was temporarily introduced as a resource in April 2022 and was awarded through Carnage until May 1, 2022. Grain was used to craft Bait, which players then used to catch Fish during Carnage.

String was introduced as a resource on May 8, 2022 and was awarded through Carnage until July 17, 2022. String, along with Wood, was used to craft Moonrods which allowed players to fish during Carnage. The fish caught could then be used as offerings to Pondsama.


$POOP was introduced on May 28th, 2022 as an ERC1155/ERC20 hybrid resource for the Pondsama metaverse. 10,000 $POOP were emitted weekly and distributed to pondsama fish holders until July 2022.

Players earned fish in Carnage using Moonrods, crafted with String and Wood. Fish were used to craft Pondsamas through an offering on the Workbench, entitling holders to $POOP distributions.

In November 2022, $POOP began migrating 1:1 to $SAMA, the Exosama Network token. Migration through Carnage offered rewards like Blood Crystals, Mobidium and DNA for a future project.

Fundamental to Moonsama's multi-chain growth, $POOP's migration expanded the community and powers the Network enabling:

Though short-lived, $POOP's legacy lives on through all $SAMA initiatives.


Moonstones were introduced as a new resource on July 10, 2022 and were awarded through Carnage until July 17, 2022. Moonstones provide utility for crafting equippable items used across the Moonsama metaverse. EXO pre-minters received Moonstones through the Gganbu distribution system, with 1 EXO equal to 0.1 Moonstone.

Beta Resources

In November 2022, Beta resources - $WOOD, $STONE, $IRON and $GOLD - were introduced. These new resources were designed to support the larger Moonsama and Exosama communities. Beta resources were distributed to players who participated in Carnage between November 2022 and April 9, 2023.

Alongside regular Carnage featuring Beta resources, special themed events were held such as Hallowsama (Oct 2022), Santasama (Dec 2022) and Bunnysama (April 2023). These events required players to gather event-specific temporary resources through activities like collecting pumpkins, presents or easter eggs. The resources gathered enabled players to craft a variety of loot boxes and themed items after each event.

All of these special resources and events aimed to provide an enjoyable experience for the community. Carnage and the themed events awarded both Beta resources as well as unique temporary resources used for crafting, with a focus on fun and rewards for participation.

The Future of Resources

Though Alpha and Beta resources are no longer distributed, new resources will continue evolving with the Moonsama ecosystem's growth. The open, creative platform that began with resources for crafting and progress now powers new potential for customization and play.

Community participation built this foundation; together imagination shapes what's next. Where resources once fueled individual journey, now collaborative vision steers progress. The future's unwritten, rewards yet discovered - but Moonsama's purpose remains: fueling an ecosystem where builders, creators and pioneers meet to forge new paths in web3.

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