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Moonsama won auction #7 in April 2023 to claim Parachain Slot 3334 on Polkadot. This will allow Moonsama to launch its parachain called Moonsama Network and join Polkadot's thriving ecosystem.

Auction Details

Reward Details


Winning a parachain slot on Polkadot is a major milestone for Moonsama. Benefits of launching the Moonsama Network as a Polkadot parachain include:

Transition Plan

The Moonsama Network parachain will become the primary network for all Moonsama products and services. It provides a more decentralized, secure, and connected environment compared to the standalone Exosama Network.

The Exosama Network will continue operating as a community-run test network for developers building on Moonsama. Teams can deploy and experiment with new features in a lower risk environment before upgrading to the Moonsama Network parachain.

Further Information

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