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What is Exosama Network?

The Exosama Network is an EVM-compatible blockchain built by Moonsama to power its ecosystem of games, NFTs, tokens, and other blockchain applications. It uses a Proof of Authority consensus model and is optimized for high throughput and low transaction fees.

The Exosama Network provides Moonsama with more control and flexibility during this period of rapid growth, before transitioning to the shared security of the Polkadot relay chain.

Why was the Exosama Network created?

Moonsama launched the Exosama Network in October 2022 to serve as the foundation for its growing ecosystem. Reasons for creating a custom blockchain include:

Is there a Block Explorer?

Yes, the Exosama Network can be explored via the block explorer at This allows searching transactions, viewing contract data, checking balances, and more.

How to add Exosama Network to wallet?

To add the Exosama Network to MetaMask or other EVM-compatible wallets manually use:

Network Name: Exosama


Chain ID: 2109

Symbol: SAMA

Block Explorer URL:

To automatically add the Exosama Network to your wallet use the tool here:

Is there a Faucet?

Yes, there is a faucet available at This distributes a small amount of SAMA tokens to help interact with Exosama Network after registering a Moonsama account.

Accounts, Transactions, Gas Fees?

The Exosama Network uses a standard EVM account system. Transactions are validated by the approved validator nodes and gas fees are paid in SAMA tokens. Base fees are burned and priority fees go to validators. Fees are near free thanks to the high performance of Exosama.

Who to contact?

Reach out on the following forums with any questions and the Moonsama community would be happy to assist:

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