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Who Can Join?

Carnage is an inclusive event within Moonsama's Multiverse, open to anyone holding an official NFT from the Ecosystem, including Moonsama, Exosama, or Gromlin.

Additionally, other community projects can receive a custom skin, and through Community Governance by Raresama Ignite, they can be invited to join the Moonsama Multiverse Portal.

πŸ’‘ To learn more about projects and how they can join Raresama ignite please see here: Raresama Ignite

The Start of Carnage

Carnage began as a testbed for the Multiverse, exploring the immersive world of Minecraft. It serves as a gateway to the larger multiverse, showcasing the potential for limitless adventures across various interconnected digital landscapes. The first Moonsama Carnage event took place on the 31st of October 2021, a memorable Halloween where Moonsamas earned utility, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

The Event

Sunday's at 16:00 UTC

Every Sunday at 16:00 UTC, the Moonsama community converges in a collective display of excitement and anticipation. This scheduled timing, chosen through consensus among community members, ensures that the event is accessible to as many participants as possible, reflecting the strong bond and collaborative spirit within Moonsama's vibrant ecosystem.


Embracing the philosophy that "Gganbu (κ°„λΆ€) always share everything with each other no matter what," Carnage implemented a sharing system. A variable percentage of everyone's loot is taken and shared between the Moonsama and Exosama holders who participate in the event for a minimum of 1 hour, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Embarking on the Journey

As players step foot into the Carnage Event, they are equipped with soul-bound items, torches, and McDonnie's Burger Patties. Appearing at the central spawn point, the epicenter of adventure, players embark on their grand journey, ready to forge their own path and discover the wonders that await.

Exploration and Gameplay

The Carnage Event unveils vast landscapes of forests, caves, and uncharted realms. Players can choose their destiny as miners or warriors, gathering essential resources like wood, cobblestone, iron, gold, and moonstones. These building blocks of strength enable crafting powerful tools, weapons, and armor. Experience orbs and character growth shape destiny, allowing players to level up skills, unlock abilities, and become formidable forces within the Metaverse.

Teamwork and Strategies

Carnage offers opportunities for solo warriors, dynamic duos, or formidable teams. Success hinges on collaboration, coordination, and adaptability. Players must communicate, strategize, and adapt to ever-changing circumstances to emerge victorious in quests for glory.

Community Memories

The Carnage Event fosters shared experiences, epic battles, and memorable moments. It serves as a catalyst for building lasting friendships and bonds within the vibrant Moonsama community, connecting like-minded adventurers and fostering a sense of belonging.

The Impact

Integration and Vision

In just a month since the launch of Moonsama NFT collection, an extraordinary milestone was reached. The visionary team seamlessly merged Web3 and Web2 bi-directionally thanks to the Multiverse Portal. They integrated and connected Moonsama NFTs with the first Metaverse test of the Moonsama Multiverse, Minecraft Carnage. Now, players can use their NFT inside a Web2 videogame while simultaneously importing and tokenizing in-game assets into the blockchain.

Moonsama Carnage is an integral part of the Ecosystem, Community, and the Moonsama Network, an enterprise-grade blockchain with a focus on NFT-based governance. In this versatile metaverse-focused blockchain, players of the Minecraft Carnage games leverage the Multiverse Portal to interact bi-directionally with multi-chain, on-chain, and off-chain assets from different projects.

Moonsama Network aims to bridge multiple metaverses and ecosystems, accommodating NFT projects from various fields like gaming, music, and more. The vision for Moonsama extends beyond its utility NFT layer on Minecraft Carnage events. It aspires to become a true metaverse ecosystem, encompassing different areas of the world, including music and fashion industries.

Crafting and Tokenization

During the Carnage event, participants engage in battles and collaborations to acquire in-game resources that are subsequently tokenized on the Moonsama Network ($SAMA). These resources fuel the crafting of captivating on-chain useful NFTs within Moonsama Workbench, encompassing skins, weapons, and exciting tools with immersive on-chain and Web3 capabilities.

Remarkably, the previous Alpha resources crafting process (completed in July 2022) also played a significant role in generating the $SAMA token, complemented by the creation of Pondsama NFTs and the corresponding game.

πŸ’‘ To learn more about getting setup for carnage and more information please see here: Setup and More Game Modes

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