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About Kilt

Kilt is an open-source blockchain protocol that aims to bring verifiable digital identity and data sovereignty to web3. It allows users to generate secure decentralized identifiers (DIDs) which serve as their unique digital fingerprints for establishing identity.

A DID on Kilt empowers users to control and own their digital identity. It represents them in the digital world while keeping personal data private. Kilt eliminates the need for users to share raw personal data to access services - instead, they can selectively disclose verified credentials as needed.

Kilt also enables issuing reusable digital credentials that can be securely shared to prove attributes like email address ownership or social media accounts. The credentials enhance privacy and minimize data sharing compared to traditional centralized identity systems.

For example, Kilt's SocialKYC service allows users to prove control of their social accounts and generate a credential. SocialKYC then forgets the user data, issuing the credential without any long-term storage or tracking.

Benefits of Using Kilt

Kilt brings several key benefits to digital identity including:

Moonsama Compatibility

Moonsama integrated Kilt's SocialKYC service into its Multiverse portal product, allowing users to log in using their decentralized identities instead of web2 usernames/passwords.

Users can link their SocialKYC credential that proves email or social media account ownership to their Moonsama account. This cryptographically verified credential then serves as their login mechanism, providing a convenient and secure decentralized identity experience.

The integration leverages Kilt's Sporran wallet for managing identities as well as the credentials issued by SocialKYC. The solution eliminates risks associated with centralized credential storage while giving users sovereignty over their digital identity.

More Information

💡 Please see our Kilt Partners Wiki information section here: Kilt

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