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Introduction to Exosama

Welcome to Exosama, our innovative NFT 2.0 collection launched on the Ethereum blockchain. As a groundbreaking part of the Moonsama Multiverse, Exosama offers a unique blend of digital assets and gaming, featuring 10,000 high-fidelity, composable EXO avatars.

Why Exosama?

The Perks for Holding an Exosama NFT

💡 To read more detail and background about Exosama please see this wiki section here: Exosama NFT Collection


Joining with an Exosama NFT

1. First if you haven't an Exosama already, you'll need to purchase one from Opensea here

2. Join token-gated chats exclusive to Exosama holders at

3. Next you'll need to bridge your Exosama into the Moonsama Multiverse Portal at To learn more on how to transfer your Exosama into the the portal for metaverse gameplay please see:

💡 Instructions on using the multiverse portal Portal guide

Learn More

Metaverse Quick Start

💡 A Metaverse quick start guide can be found here: Metaverse quick start

Customize your NFT

💡 Instructions on using the multiverse customizer Customizer
Congratulations on joining Moonsama!! By following the steps above you're now all set to discover more in the ecosystem and explore the wiki further - Enjoy!

Connect with Us

Additionally, you can connect with our community and learn more by:

Stay updated by following us on Twitter:

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