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The Collections page on the Moonsama Marketplace is where you can explore the various Moonsama metaverse NFT collections available within the Moonsama ecosystem. Each collection is linked to a specific ERC standard, either ERC721 or ERC1155, indicating the type of NFTs within the collection.

The page features a selector that allows you to choose between different blockchains, updating the marketplace with collections on that chain. Click here to select which one.

Then select which chain you'd like to change to.

Collections Summary

1. Sama Network:

This chain features collections such as:

Note that PODs are now on Raresama.

2. Moonriver: This network includes collections such as:

Note that Moonsama and Pondsama collections are now on Raresama.

3. Moonbeam Network: This network currently hosts the ??? collection (MEGG), which has not yet been released.

💡 For more on the benefits and use of the items for sale in the Marketplace please see the Crafting and Equippables wiki section here Crafting and Equippables

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