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The Vision of Exosama Network

The Exosama Network whitepaper, authored in late 2022, outlines an ambitious vision for a new community-driven blockchain ecosystem optimized for gaming, music, and creativity. While the project has evolved since its release, the whitepaper provides helpful background on Exosama's origins and motivation.

Building a Fair and Open Ecosystem

A key goal of Exosama Network was to build a blockchain platform bootstrapped in a fair way through collaborative gameplay. Rather than tokens being sold or premined, the native $POOP token would be earned through contributing effort and resources in Minecraft gameplay sessions. This aligned with Exosama's ideals of open participation.

The network aimed to transition gradually from a simple standalone chain into a Polkadot parachain called Moonsama Network. This would allow the features and governance model to be tested and hardened before connecting into the Polkadot ecosystem.

Addressing Problems in Gaming and Music

Two key issues Exosama Network sought to address were challenges in gaming and systemic problems in the music industry.

For gaming, existing blockchains struggled to support complex game mechanics requiring high transaction throughput. Exosama would provide a high-performance L1 tailored for rich multiplayer experiences.

In music, centralized intermediaries often exploit artists through unfair revenue models. Exosama envisioned using Web3 mechanisms like tokenized rights and royalties to empower musicians.

An NFT-Based Governance System

Exosama planned to experiment with novel governance approaches not solely reliant on token wealth. Inspiration came from proof-of-personhood systems to resist sybil attacks. Solid contributions to the ecosystem could enhance voting power more than token holdings alone.

NFT membership in collections like Moonsamas could grant governance rights. NFT rankings could influence vote strength. The goal was a democratic system aligning power with merit and commitment to the community's success.

Summary and More Information

While the Exosama Network vision has evolved over time, the whitepaper provides valuable context on the project's early goals and principles. The team sought to build an ecosystem focused on open participation, community ownership, and empowering artists and creators. These motivations continue to drive development of the Moonsama Network.

You can read the full Exosama Network whitepaper here:

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