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Moonsama's Ongoing NFT 2.0 Development: Pushing the Boundaries of Customization and Interoperability

Moonsama has been at the forefront of NFT 2.0 innovation for some time now. Through continuous research and development, Moonsama is unlocking new possibilities for customization, interoperability and engagement across the metaverse.

The current Moonsama Customizer allows users to equip their NFTs with 2D cosmetic items, adding a layer of personal expression. This is just one part of Moonsama's ambitious NFT 2.0 roadmap.

Upcoming releases like the 3D animated composition service will integrate customizations directly into gameplay environments. And integrations with partners like Diesel, Public Pressure and Wildsama demonstrate the versatility of Moonsama's NFT 2.0 technology.

Whether it's customizing a Moonsama, Exosama or lion from the Wildsama collection, Moonsama is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with evolvable and composable NFTs.

How is NFT 2.0 Different from NFT 1.0?

NFT 1.0 represented the first iteration of NFT technology that enabled the tokenization and provable digital ownership of assets on the blockchain. Projects in the NFT 1.0 era predominantly focused on leveraging this new technical capability to commercialize and sell digital art, collectibles, and other media, essentially creating a new market for scarcity and value around digital goods.

However, while revolutionary, NFTs 1.0 also suffered from some key limitations:


NFT 2.0 represents the next generation of NFT technology that goes beyond just static images or videos. NFT 2.0 introduces new features and utilities that allow users to interact with and customize the digital assets they own. This creates more engaging and immersive experiences. Some key features of NFT 2.0 include:

The Moonsama Multiverse Portal

The Moonsama Multiverse Portal is the technological cornerstone of Moonsama's approach, serving as the bridge that enables true NFT interoperability and cross-chain composability.

The Portal allows the economic and utility value of NFTs to extend beyond individual chains or walled gardens by facilitating dynamic connections between assets across different blockchains and applications.

For example, one of the first integrations was with Minecraft, enabling players to import their Moonsama NFTs as character skins and export in-game resources as tokens in their Web3 wallet. This allowed Moonsama NFTs to become more than just collectibles, but rather true digital identities with utility in the metaverse.

The platform-agnostic architecture of the Portal means that it can continue expanding this interoperability to new chains, games, metaverses and more over time.

💡 To learn more about the portal tech please see here Moonsama Portal
💡 To learn more about using the portal please see here Moonsama Portal Website

Understanding Moonsama's 2.0 NFT Architecture

The innovative architecture of Moonsama's NFT 2.0 solution is key to enabling new composability features while still ensuring security and trust.

Moonsama's NFT 2.0 tokens comprise two key data components:

  1. Original immutable metadata - This base metadata is permanently hosted on decentralized storage (IPFS) to establish scarcity and tamper-proof ownership of the core underlying asset.
  2. Custom composite metadata - A separate composable data structure that represents the user's aesthetic customizations and equipped attributes linked to their NFT. This data remains mutable and dynamic based on user activity.

To save a customization, users must own and bridge all associated items, at which point the current state of the composite data is persisted and made publicly readable via Moonsama's NFT 2.0 API integrations.

This approach retains the core properties of NFTs, while introducing composability in a secure and technology-agnostic manner.

Existing Capabilities

The current Moonsama Customizer enables users to:

Upcoming Capabilities (coming soon!)

With the 3D animated composition service on the roadmap, users will be able to:

Partnerships with brands like Diesel and Public Pressure will showcase the versatility of Moonsama’s NFT 2.0 standards by enabling collaborative digital apparel and accessories. Users will be able to equip cutting-edge fashion NFTs across metaverses.

Multi-Chain Focus

A major advantage of Moonsama's NFT 2.0 architecture is its chain-agnostic design and integration with the Multiverse Portal, which collectively enable true multi-chain interoperability.

The Portal allows NFTs and blockchain assets from networks like Ethereum, Moonbeam, and Exosama to interact seamlessly, recognizing the diverse and multi-chain nature of metaverse economies.

This pioneering approach allows NFTs to transcend individual networks and become composable across chains, unlocking new value and utility.

Crafting and Equipping

Resources earned through participation in Moonsama's metaverses can be used to craft a wide variety of equippable items via the Workbench. These items like weapons, companions and accessories provide buffs and benefits when equipped on an NFT.

Equippables enhance gameplay, progression and strategy across metaverses. The ability to craft then equip these items adds another layer of personalization, customization and utility atop Moonsama's NFT 2.0 technology.

Ownership and Trading

When purchasing or collecting a Moonsama NFT, owners receive full rights to the original immutable 1/1 digital asset.

However, any aesthetic customizations and equipped items are not included by default with the purchased NFT. For the customized appearance to remain intact, the associated equipped items must be bridged to the Portal by their respective owners.

While users can freely customize the look of their owned NFTs, these custom designs remain non-transferrable collectibles. If any of the equipped items get unbridged from the Portal, they will disappear from the public composite appearance.

This carefully considered system preserves original ownership and property rights, while enabling personal creative expression and customization by users.

What's Next?

With the upcoming 3D animated Composition Service, Moonsama's NFT customizations will become seamlessly integrated across metaverses, with users able to customize their avatars with equipable items that automatically sync and appear in games.

As more blockchains, NFT projects, and metaverse worlds integrate with the Multiverse Portal, the creative possibilities for true NFT interoperability will continue expanding rapidly.

Moonsama is poised to continue pioneering the development of evolvable, customizable, and composable NFTs that push the boundaries of what is possible with digital ownership and creative expression in a multi-chain world.


Through sustained and iterative research and development, Moonsama is pushing the envelope when it comes to delivering real-world utility, creative engagement, and dynamic experiences using NFT 2.0 technology.

Both the current capabilities and upcoming roadmap plans demonstrate Moonsama's commitment to continuous innovation when it comes to NFTs. The overarching vision is to empower interconnected digital ecosystems where value and utility can flow seamlessly across metaverses, platforms, and chains.

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