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A tweet that launched a thousand samas..

The Moonsama Collection: Where It All Began

Moonsama is the leading NFT ecosystem of DotSama, a community-driven project that aims to bring fun and utility to the web3 space. Moonsama started with a simple idea: to create pixel art birds that would grant access to various metaverses and games. The Moonsama collection was launched on September 21, 2021 as the first NFT marketplace and generative collection on Moonriver, a parachain on Polkadot. 1,000 unique pixel birds were minted and sold out in 30 minutes, marking the start of the Moonsama journey.

Since then, Moonsama has evolved into a multiverse protocol where NFT ownership enables governance. Moonsama continues pioneering web3 experiences centered around community, creativity and ownership.

The Story Behind the Collection

Moonsama was co-founded by DonnieBigBags, a web3 enthusiast and entrepreneur who wanted to experiment with NFTs and gaming. He teamed up with Kyilkhor, a talented blockchain developer who built the marketplace and smart contracts and HeaX, a skilled 3d animator, game developer and full stack developer. Together, they created Moonsama in just three days after coming up with the idea.

Moonsama was inspired by Minecraft, a popular sandbox game where players can create and explore virtual worlds. Donnie BigBags wanted to bring web3 to Minecraft and create a metaverse where NFTs could be used to access mini-games, servers, and resources. He also wanted to create a community of like-minded people who shared his passion for gaming and innovation.

Moonsama was born as a fun and quick experiment to grow Polkadot with friends, but it soon turned into something bigger. The project attracted a group of people who became the core team and community of Moonsama. They helped shape the vision and direction of the project, as well as contribute to its development and growth.

Moonsama is not just a collection of NFTs, but a vibrant ecosystem that offers everything from metaverses to innovative technologies creating unique experiences that stand out. Moonsama has delivered several milestones since its launch, such as:

Moonsama has also received support from prominent figures in the web3 space, such as Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and Polkadot, who showed his interest in the project.

The Perks of Holding a Moonsama NFT

Holding a Moonsama NFT is not only a way to own a piece of web3 history, but also a way to access an array of benefits and opportunities within the ecosystem. Some of the perks include:

💡 If you already own a Moonsama NFT please see more information on getting started in the Metaverse here: Metaverse Quick Start Guide

Moonsama is more than just a collection of NFTs. It is a vibrant and enthusiastic community that brings fun and utility together. It is a pioneer of web3 experiences that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of innovation. It is a multiverse protocol that empowers NFT owners and creators. It is a journey that has just begun.

Where to buy Moonsama

To buy a Moonsama NFT, visit the Raresama collection on the SAMA network by selecting the button below:

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