Raresama Marketplace - Talent with utility

Raresama is our brand new, exciting, artist and community focused NFT marketplace with great ambitions to quickly become the leading marketplace on Moonbeam in the Polkadot ecosystem.

This magnificent marketplace has been built alongside the community for the community, it is completely decentralised and therefore requires no VC’s.


The original idea for Raresama had been formed through a happy accident (in parallel with Moonsama) when the team thought how cool would it be to add NFTs into the Pondsama Metaponds for all to see and interacted with:

At this exact time, there was also a plethora of talented artists struggling to make sales in the bear market and so the concept for Raresama was born.

It provides these artists a new home where they can unleash their creativity and tell their stories plus it would also provide them with long term utility support into Moonsama’s Multiverse.

Essentially the premise is simple… They bring their talent, we bring the utility.

Community Curated

Raresama will be 100% governed and curated by the community, meaning that all NFTs added to the platform will have been voted in by the community.


For the implementation of this process, the marketplace will have it’s own governance token in the form of $POOP. $POOP will be transferrable and underpins the whole marketplace.


With the platform fully governed by the community, it also empowers decisions to be made for the benefit of development and making Raresama even better for everyone using it. Some preliminary development options are shown here:


Launch collection - Raresama Originals

Raresama premiered with a one off star studded collections curated by Raresama Ambassadors and spearheaded by Yumi Arts, the “Raresama Originals” Launch collection.

This is a highly diverse collection it contains 2D, 3D, voxel, pixel art and even hand-painted traditional artworks. Themes include impressionism, expressionism, abstract, cyberpunk, fantasy and more:


This incredible collection has been auctioned over the first week of launch and includes a total of 39.

Marlua, long-time Dotsama artist on Raresama:

‘All Kusama/Polkadot enthusiasts and artists can’t wait for Raresama. We are having fun with everything Moonsama does and I can’t wait to contribute. The last couple of months were hard and this is something new, an opportunity I want to grab with both hands. Let’s bring that chaos together’


From the sewers of NOVA comes a collection of 3,333 NFT Gromlins a new creature type that will be featured in Battle for Nova.


This collection has been created by Justine Cruz to celebrate the launch of Raresama. These sinister-looking creatures inhabit the sewers beneath NOVA. When they're not fightin' or wheelin' and dealin', they're out looking for love. If you're fortunate enough to find a mate in the Metaverse, you might just breed a Baby Gromlin.

The initial planned Gromlin utility is breeding.

Distribution and trading launch

Gromlins have been airdropped on to Moonsama’s, Artists, Exosama community (TG snapshot) and a few active Raresama community members.

After only 24 hours of trading:

  • 240 individual sales had been made
  • Sales volume had surpassed 320,000 $GLMR
  • 3333 Gromlins were distributed across 1500+ owners


Please note: 100% of the royalties/profit will go to the Moonsama Community Fund.

Moonsama Community Fund

The Moonsama Community Fund or MCF, which has been voted in by the Moonsama community, will be utilised to incentivise community engagement via the accustomed Moonsama Carnage mechanism.

All GLMR profits (100% of Fee’s) generated by Raresama NFT marketplace sales will go to the Moonsama Community Fund (MCF).

Raresama in action → Dogs in Thailand

Currently in Thailand there are over one million stray dogs, also known as soi dogs.

Moonsama is starting a charity foundation to help support and save thousands of these dogs by tokenising them on-chain and then offering them on Raresama as equipable NFTs

These NFTs will then be used to generate a sustainable fundraising mechanism for food, neutering, vaccinations and shelter. The dog NFTs can be equipped onto Moonsama’s/EXO’s.

This is utility like you’ve never seen before.


Joining Raresama as an Artist

If you’ve a talent for creating Art and can’t wait to showcase this to the Raresama community and join - please sit tight a little longer!

Following on from the initial launch collections selling out, the marketplace will go live with personal profiles and you will then be able to mint your first NFTs on the platform. These will all be voted in by the community.

User account types on Raresama

There are three different types of user accounts on Raresama:

  • Anonymous/general user:

This involves the registration of your wallet address to a unique username. You sign in with your wallet and can vote, that’s it! No other things can be changed/added.

  • Creator:

This account involves a fee in $POOP and be able to create your own user profile letting you add a profile picture, cover image, description and promo link. This tier will also allow you to mint NFTs.

  • Verified:

This level of account is similar to the blue checkmark system within Twitter. To get to this stage, you need to stake a certain amount of POOP and get curated. Curation is simply putting your profile up for voting and the community decides with POOP whether you are worthy.

Raresama Purchase Types

The Raresama marketplace runs on the Moonbeam network and all works of art are priced in $GLMR. Buying and selling can take place using two different mechanisms.

Both are explained below:

Showdown/Live Auctions

The first NFT sale option available on Raresama is the use of Auctions via the showdown mechanism.


Key feature of this auction mechanism is that if a bid is placed in within 5 mins before the end of the auction, the timer extends to allow for more bidding. This will eliminate sniping, bring in a healthy competitive action and ensure a fair and true price in the sale of all NFTs.

Buy Now

Another, more traditional, Raresama NFT sale option is “Buy now”. It is used for bigger collections such as Gromlins.


To use this purchase option navigate to the detail page of the NFT of your choosing and then simply select the ‘Buy now’ option as show below.


In the above example you can see that the seller to set an ‘offer end’ of just over 2 days and 23 hours. Setting “offer end” is quite common and provides a time limit to buy the NFT for the listed price.

Once the time limit expires the NFT will be listed as “Closed” and not available for purchase:


Using the Raresama Marketplace

The Raresama marketplace is a treasure trove of stunning and unique art collections.

To navigate and view these amazing artworks and to buy or participate in auctions, please review the following instructions:

Connecting to Marketplace via Desktop

After arriving at the legendary Raresama Marketplace:

Your first step is to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the site. You can do this by selecting the following wallet icon from the top toolbar:

Selecting the wallet icon
Selecting the wallet icon
Selecting your wallet
Selecting your wallet

After selecting the icon the above pop-up message will appear. You now have two wallet type selections to choose from and use to connect with the site:

(1) Metamask

(2) Talisman.

If you have not used wallets before or don’t have these setup please to these Wiki articles as per below:

(1) Metamask wallet use and understanding:
1 - Getting a MetaMask Wallet
2 - Using MetaMask Wallet
(2) Talisman wallet use and understanding:
3 - Using Talisman Wallets with Moonsama
3 - Using Talisman Wallets with Moonsama

If you already have one of these wallets, select it and the connection pop-up will show as per below:


Your wallet extension (Metamask / Talisman) will then pop-up and you’ll be asked to sign the welcome message to connect with the Raresama site.

An example is shown below:


Note: in this example a Ledger based wallet is used which will require you to approve linking the wallet with your Ledger.

Once the connection is approved you will be logged into the Raresama site!

A success message will be shown as follows:


The wallet icon will change to a user icon on the Raresama website.

If you click this you’ll see you have been logged in as an Anonymous user account type (as described here), other types of user accounts will be announced in future.


Congrats! You are now fully connected into the Raresama site with your wallet type and you have also been allocated an anonymous user account. You can now explore other areas of the marketplace.

Connecting to Marketplace via Mobile

Of course connecting to the Raresama marketplace on mobile is also possible. In this case you also have multiple wallet options available, the steps are similar to the desktop method steps shared above.

To connect to the Raresama Markeplace on mobile the following wallet options are available:

1) Metamask

2) Nova Wallet

1) Metamask (Download for mobile here: iOS app, Android App)

  • To use Metamask firstly install the app and setup your wallet
  • Open the Metamask browser, please select the menu icon and select ‘Browser’
  • Then navigate to raresama.com.
  • When on the raresama.com select the menu icon (top-right) and then ‘connect wallet’. From here select Metamask button and ‘sign message’.
  • ✅ You will receive a ‘success message’
  • Now you are logged in as an anonymous user and fully able to use the Raresama marketplace.

2) Nova Wallet

(Download for mobile here: iOS app, Android App)

  • To use Nova Wallet firstly install the app and setup your wallet
  • Open the Nova browser, please navigate to the ‘browser’ menu selection on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Then navigate to raresama.com.
  • When on the raresama.com select the menu icon (top-right) and then ‘connect wallet’. From here select Nova button and ‘Confirm’ message:
  • ✅ You will receive a ‘success message’
  • Now you are logged in as an anonymous user and fully able to use the Raresama marketplace.

User Profile - View your NFTs

Connecting your Moonbeam wallet to the Raresama marketplace, as outlined in the previous sections, has provided you with your very own Raresama user profile page!

By selecting ‘My profile’ from the top menu you can navigate to your profile page:


Your profile page shows your connected wallet address and has 3 specific selection tabs:

(1) Created : shows which Raresama NFT’s you have minted as an artist

(2) Collections : shows for which Raresama collections you have minted on NFT’s as an artist

(3) Owned : shows which NFT’s you own


The above example shows owned Gromlins in the “owned” tab, this tab is used by the vast majority of Raresama users which are NFT collectors.

This concludes seeing your profile, any creations or NFTs purchased, next up to buy an NFT on Raresama! Lets GO! 😎

Please note: If you would like to disconnect from the Raresama site please select your user icon and then select disconnect.

Buying an NFT on Raresama

Your wallet has been created and connected to Raresama as explained here:

Make sure your wallet is funded with a sufficient amount of $GLMR to make your Raresama NFT purchase.

Next step is to look for the NFT you want within your price range, the best way to do this is to use the filter menu on the Raresama homepage as per instructions below.

Setting the Price Range and filter

  • There is a filter menu on available the Raresama home page, below the Latest curated collection selection block. Fill out your price range and hit ‘Set price’:
  • To assist in selecting a sensible price range take note of the floor price of the collection you have an interest in.
  • The detail view of each NFT will show you their collection specifics, including floor price and other figures.

    For example to find the floor price of ‘Gromlins’ simply select any Gromlin NFT from the collection to go to the detail page you will find the details as highlighted:

  • On the above example you can see the floor price is currently 1,700 GLMR.
  • If you would like to browse the Gromlin NFTs close to this floor price you could set the filter range from 1,700 to 1,800 GLMR:

  • The list above shows the are 7 Gromlins available for around floor price. If you see one you like you can go ahead and purchase, this will be explained in the next instruction steps.
Please note: The Raresama filter also includes the options ‘buy now’ or ‘live auction’, these are explained here. When using the price range filter make sure to leave both boxes unchecked as they may influence output.

Purchasing an NFT

Now that you have filtered and found the NFT you would like to purchase, it’s now time to buy it! 😎

  • To buy an NFT please select the NFT of your choice, it will take you to the NFT detail page as shown below:
  • To purchase the NFT simply select the ‘Buy now’ button.
  • 💡
    The button only works if your wallet is connected.
  • Now your wallet will pop-up to approve the transaction via your wallet and that’s it!
  • Congratulations you’ve purchased an NFT from the Raresama marketplace 🔥

Selling an NFT on Raresama

Selling one of your Raresama NFTs is equally as straight forward as buying one. You have a few more choices to consider which are described below.

  • To select the Raresama NFT you would like to sell, firstly navigate to your Profile and the owned menu tab:
  • Next select the NFT you would like to sell, after selecting you will see the detail page:

From this detail page you can not only setup the sale of this NFT but you can see further information such as any active bids from a buyer or auction or transaction history.

To proceed with the sale of an NFT you will need to follow the next steps:

  • Set the Expiration for the sale of this NFT, this can be selected as:
    • 1 day
    • 3 days
    • 7 days
    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • Never
    • This provides a time limit to buy the NFT for the listed price.

      Once the time limit expires the NFT will be listed as “Closed” and not available for purchase.

      You will still need to delist your NFT after expiration.
  • Next step is to set your sell Price this is the amount of $GLMR token you would like to receive for the sale of your NFT.
  • When done and double checked select ‘Place listing
  • As a final step your wallet will pop up and request you to Sign the listing transaction:
  • image
  • Once processed the listing will be created.
  • image

    Select ‘Cancel listing’ to withdraw your sell order listing.

  • Following this your sell order listing will become searchable and visible on the Raresama Marketplace.
  • image
  • Congratulations you have now listed your NFT for sale on the Raresama marketplace!

Transfer Raresama NFT

You also have the option to transfer your Raresama NFT to another wallet.

The recipient wallet should be a Moonbeam wallet.

To do this navigate to your Profile and the Owned tab, form here select the NFT you would like to transfer:


Select ‘Transfer’ as highlighted, the below pop up will be shown:


In the pop up enter the recipient wallet address and hit ‘Transfer’, now your wallet will pop up requesting you to sign the transaction. Once you sign the transfer will initiate:


Once completed the transferred NFT will be visible in the recipient wallet.


If you have any queries on Raresama please see the questions and answers below to assist you. Should you have any more questions please come over to the social channels (Discord, Telegram) to say hello, we’d be happy to help.

General FAQs

Q. What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non Fungible Token which is a digital asset stored on the blockchain. This Digital asset can be distinguished from one another due to specific metadata and ID codes. They can even be linked to real world items.

Q. What is a “floor price”?

Floor price refers to the lowest price of an NFT (in a collection).

Q. Is Raresama for 1:1’s only? What about collectibles?

In the beginning there will only be 1:1 NFTs, with collections being added post launch.

Q. What can I do with $POOP?

POOP is an XC-20 token. POOP underpins the whole marketplace and gives the community governance rights. A small POOP fee must also be paid for the creation of a user profile and for minting NFTs.

Q: How long does an auction last?

Each auction will last for 36 hours

Q: What do I need to purchase NFTs on Raresama?

You will need $GLMR to purchase NFT’s

Q: How do I obtain $GLMR and $POOP

$POOP can be purchased on Moonsama Marketplace or earned through Pondsama Fish NFTs. It will soon also be listed on Stellaswap and Moonswap. Information on where to purchase $GLMR can be found on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

Q: How can I contact Raresama?

Please find us on Telegram or Discord

with any questions you may have. For business proposals please write to raresama@moonsama.com.


Q: How can I submit my art on Raresama?

A: Sign-in to Raresama using your wallet. You can then create your personal profile, this requires a small POOP fee. After your account has been set up, you will be ready to mint your NFTs. This again requires a POOP fee. NOTE: This feature will be available shortly after launch.

Q: What is the royalty percentage on Raresama Marketplace?

A: Raresama offers 5% artist royalties and handles a 2% platform fee

Q: Where are the NFT’s stored?

A: NFT’s are stored in an IPFS. Web 3, unruggable, secure storage.

Q: What is the acceptable file format?

A: Right now we accept .png and .jpeg.

Q: Does my minted NFT belong to me or Raresama?

A: Your NFT always belongs to you and is stored on the blockchain.

Q: What do I need to mint my NFT?

A: You will need $POOP and you will need $GLMR for gas fees.

Q: Can I burn my NFT’s?

A: Yes, but fees are non-refundable

Q: Can any artist publish and compete with other artists for auction?

A: Yes! Results depend on community votes

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