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Moonsama FAQs

Where can I find the marketplace to purchase a VIP game pass, Multiverse skin or a Moonsama?

The marketplace can be found here.

What steps do I need to take to participate in Moonsama Carnage?

The steps can be found in the wiki here and abbreviated in telegram here

What is the link to the Moonsama Multiverse Portal?

The Portal can be found here

Where can I find the Moonsama Minecraft Servers?

You can find the servers in the table here.

When are the resources distributed after Carnage?

The resources will be released following the review of all videos to check the players flagged each week. They are typically released Friday/Saturday following the last Carnage session.

How long do I have to play to receive Gganbu from a Carnage session?

The time requirement is 1hr to receive Gganbu rewards

You can check the rewards within minecraft, by using the chat function and /gganbu

Pondsama FAQs

Where can I summon my Pondsama NFT fish?

You can do so from the Moonsama workbench here

Where can I see my Pondsama NFT fish?

You can view them at the Moonsama marketplace under ‘my NFTs’ and by connecting your wallet here

Where can I setup my pond?

You can now setup your pond at using the login button and then signing into the (via email or Kilt further instructions can be found here) and authorising for your game tag and ID to be shared. Once logged in you then can access your pond back at the Pondsama website.

How many resources are required to summon a Pondsama NFT fish?

To summon a Pondsama NFT fish the resource amount is shown in the workbench cost section here

Exosama FAQs

Why don't Exosama passes receive GGANBU?

Its difficult to convey all the reasoning behind the current system. But the important thing is this, its moonsama carnage and the project itself is built around moonsamas.

In order to preserve the integrity of the alpha game economy we cannot introduce Exosama gganbu until beta starts. This will be a fresh playing field for all so see this time as a period to learn and get involved.

Why so many carnage issues?

We are in the ALPHA phase and so we are still in testing and resolving issues for scaling up - you are early

I paid for a pre-mint, when will I get the pass?

Every Sunday, before Carnage

Is there difference between the passes?

The only change is the skin type which can be used in Minecraft

When Exosama launches am I getting the Exosama airdropped?

Yes you will receive the airdropped Exosama on the same wallet address used for the pre-mint transaction.

Are there are any rarities?

Visual differences only

I paid but can’t find the pass?

Please navigate to the Moonsama Multiverse Portal and connect the wallet used to send the pre-mint transaction, if the pass has been sent it will show once logged into the Portal.

If I burn the pass into game, will I still get the Exosama after launch?

Yes on the same address where your Exosama pre-mint pass has been sent.

I got my pass and burnt into the account what are next steps?

Please see the video here on the steps to use the pass in the Moonsama Minecraft Metaverse:

What can I do with my game pass?

Please see the video here on the steps to use the pass in the Moonsama Minecraft Metaverse: