23 - Alpha News

23 - Alpha News

Moonsama 2.0


A new website refresh is now available at moonsama.com - go check it out! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


From this new website landing page there’s an updated navigation bar that provides the following options:

This new site provides a glimpse into the magic of the upcoming Moonsama multiverse, where historic multichain experiences become a reality through eternally liquid NFT’s and thriving communities.

It also includes more information on the multichain functionality as shown below:


The landing page showcases some of the awesome artwork of the Moonsama 2.0’s:

All of the Moonsama 2.0 artwork will soon be updated and available on the Moonsama marketplace.
You can already have a look at it here: Moonsama v2.0 Preview

To find the Moonsama 2.0 version of your favourite MoonsamaNFT enter the ID in the Filter box as shown below. Then click on the miniature to show the awesome artwork in the main window. You can also toggle the background and foreground images to have some fun!


πŸ”œΒ  More information coming soon..

Metaverse Walkman’s

When @ExosamaNFT will join the Moonsama Multiverse it will potentially bring thousands of additional players to the awesome Minecraft metaverse. Resources collected in the Minecraft metaverse will be critical in unlocking the full utility of new NFTs such as Equippables, Exosama, Petsama and Metaverse Walkmans:


First Metaverse Music NFT

Our amazing partner Public Pressure (@jointhepressure), the web3 music platform powered by artists, labels and fans, have released their first Metaverse Music NFT.

During a live stream at the Blockdown festival on May 11th they airdropped this legendary NFT to everyone that tuned in. You can check the announcement here.


This first Metaverse Music NFT contains an awesome track by artists @MerkandKremont including an awesome music video:


πŸ”œΒ  More information coming soon..


The initial objective of Pondsama is to obtain as much aFish as possible by going fishing 🎣 in the Moonsama Metaverse.

You can then sacrifice the aFish resource, including additional Alpha resources, to summon foundational tier 1 NFT fish.

Ultimately you can breed your foundational tier 1 NFT fish to obtain different types of mind blowing tier 2 NFT fish and flex them in the Moonsama Metaverse Aquarium ⛲️

Regarding aPoop: this ERC token can only be obtained in Pondsama Metaverse. Each week, 10k of these are distributed between Pondsama holders proportionally. It will have different utilities, such as governance, crafting, renting, upgrades and metaverse land. In the future, aPoop will contain Blood Crystals, DNA (Petsama?)…

Quick reference info graphic

To help you prepare as much as possible for Pondsama please find the below infographic. The steps mentioned are all discussed in detail below and you can use it as a checklist:



The vision for Pondsama was spawned on May 7th, the general idea proposed was to implement NFT fishing in our legendary Carnage event .

Fishing for NFT fish will only be possible in open seas above ground and only with equipable NFT fishing rods a.k.a Moonrods.

Promptly a competition was organized to design metaverse NFT fish for the metaverse fish ponds:


Only 5 days after the initial announcement the following amazing progress was already reported.

Metaverse Fishing Mechanics

This paragraph describes the mechanics of going fishing in the Moonsama Metaverse. The initial goal of pondsama is to catch as many aFish as possible which you can use as a resource for summoning Foundational NFT fish.

You will find all information you need to ensure you can enjoy Metaverse fishing during Carnage, beware however to keep an eye on your surroundings, it’s Carnage after all πŸ‘»

Please note, Moonrod, Alpha Bait and Alpha Fish are soulbound which means that they will not be dropped if you get killed in Carnage!


To go fishing for NFT fish in the Moonsama Metaverse you need a Moonrod:


The awesome Moonrod can be crafted in the workbench menu for the following resources:

  • 500 aWood
  • 300 aIron
  • 100 aGold
  • 7 aString

More details regarding the crafting process can be found in the Workbench section.

The Moonrod works exactly the same as the regular fishing rod, you equip it in your right hand, right click to cast, wait for the bubbles and then right click to catch your aFish!

Fishing for aFish is only possible with your Moonrod and only works in open seas above ground!

Moonrod Buffs

Specifically for the Moonsama whales amongst us, we will buff the Moonrods with the Lure enchantment, this will be based on Moonsama power:

  • 1+ samas = Lure 1
  • 10+ samas = Lure 2
  • 20+ samas = Lure 3

This is done to avoid Whales having to fish for an unreasonable amount of time to catch enough aFish.

Alpha Bait

The next thing you need to go fishing in the Moonsama Metaverse is Alpha Bait:


Usually resources can be gathered directly in the Moonsama Metaverse, however the highly efficient Alpha Bait is special, it can only be crafted in the workbench menu for the following resource:

  • 1 aGrain

More details regarding the crafting process can be found in the Workbench section.

Please note: after you craft your Alpha Bait it needs to be enraptured on the Multiverse Bridge before it becomes available in Carnage. The enrapture process is explained here.

Alpha Fish

Now you have to tools you need to go fishing in the Moonsama Metaverse!

The next step is to catch as many Alpha Fish (aFish) as you can during Carnage:


For 1 Alpha Bait (aBait) you will catch 1 Alpha fish.

Foundational Tier 1 NFT Fish

There are 3 tier 1 foundational Metaverse NFT fish, that will be used for breeding and battle:


The 3 foundational fish are intended to look bland or normal, breeding these NFT fish in different pairings will lead to extraordinary specimens 🐳

Breeding is explained in the next paragraph, before you can start breeding you will first need to summon them by throwing aFish and other Alpha Mulltiverse Assets to β€œThe Sunken One”.

To summon a Tier 1 NFT fish this amount of each mentioned resource will be required:

  • 10 aFish (equals 10 aGRAIN)
  • 500 aStone
  • 100 aWood
  • 50 aIron
  • 20 aGold

NFT Fish Breeding

Now we arrive at the ultimate Pondsama goal!

Breeding NFT tier 1 NFT fish to obtain absolutely mind blowing NFT fish.

Please note that the tier 1 NFT fish have 3 distinct shapes, each fish has its own random statistics, traits and other attributes.

This means that breeding these foundational fish together will result in next level metaverse NFT fish. Below you can see the possible pairings to breed metaverse NFT fishes 4 through 12


πŸ”œΒ  More information coming soon..


πŸ”œΒ  Information coming soon..

Mercenaries ( Dogtags)

πŸ”œΒ  Information coming soon..

Confirmed by Donnie on this tweet here for what is known as "ticket gangs" will actually be Mercenaries for hire that will be sticking to the roots of our project and evolving alongside the NOVAverse itself.



Moonsama 2.0 and Exosama can evolve over time, the are able to own and equip other NFTs. You will be able to switch out NFT weapons/hair/cosmetics/clothing and even pets. Here you can see some Petsama previews:

πŸ”œΒ  More information coming soon..

Season 2

πŸ”œΒ  Information coming soon..

Where Next?

πŸ‘‰Β Lokito Academy

Introducing Lokito’s Academy

πŸ‘‰Β Litepaper


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