22 - Embassy news

22 - Embassy news

Building the Kusamaverse

The Kusamaverse is now becoming a reality, Moonsama is being opened up to everyone within the DotSama community through the use of game passes and it will bring in communities that have supported us the most, the Moonsama artist communities.

What are game passes and how do they work?

Moonsama Embassy Game Passes are NFT invitations given to other communities we want to share our Multiverse with. They leverage a rarely used technique and feature in our Moonsama Multiverse Portal called "enrapture". This enables for an NFT to be permanently locked into the gaming Multiverse and cannot be exported back on chain afterwards, like a black hole!

It is important to note, technically this is not burning of the tokens, but instead they are transferred to the verified "Otherside" contract, making them inaccessible. These passes are also a special kind of token and they can only be transferred to this contract, making it impossible to transfer (or trade) to someone else. This is intentional, they are usually gifts given to Moonsama Gganbus (invited communities) :) .

Exosama pre-mint: Haunted / Infected / Mecha / Winged / Sunken Passes will be untradable pre-mint NFTs that will secure an EXOSAMA NFT to be air-dropped at launch.

This is the mentioned contract:

Why was this used?

a) Burn function is not standardized by ERC721 and 1155, so you can't make the assumption that a token is burnable.

b) It does not change the available supply.

c) Easy to see what's enraptured already.

Communities Invited Into Moonsama

The first invited community was KusamaKings.

Over time more and more DotSama communities will be invited to join the Kusamaverse, Moonsama is family, and we invite our new gganbus to come have fun with us in the metaverse we have built.


These communities have been invited so far:

Kusamakings πŸ‘‘Β and BlaseBonobos 🦍

Invited: Feb 8th 2022

The @Kusamakings @BlaseBonobosNFT are artists that have greatly supported Moonsama. Their communities have been formally invited to be the first NFT community to join us in Kusamaverse with their own community skins and offhands!

Check out this tweet for the announcement:


πŸ‘‰ Tweet Link


The Damned Pirate Society πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈΒ and Kitty Paradise 🐱

Invited: Mar 22nd 2022

The next communities to be invited included a collection from the brilliantly talented Yumi-sama with the inclusion of the Kitty Paradise holder community (@YumiArtsNFT) and also right out of the top drawer of Davy Jones’ Locker with the scallywags at @TheDPSproject joining into the Kusamaverse from late March. Both communities were offered an initial 100 passes to join in and had also been given their very own skins and offhands to equip. Here you see the amazing Kitty Paradise skin in Moonsama Minecraft:


Check out this tweet for the announcement:


Β  πŸ‘‰ Tweet Link

ChaosDao 🐡- SubSquid πŸ¦‘Β - Women in Crypto πŸ¦ΉπŸ½β€β™€οΈΒ - Wag Media πŸ“‘

Invited: May 15th 2022

On this date no less than 4 communities were invited to join the Moonsama Multiverse, these were the communities:

Each community was offered a limited number passes to join in and had also been given their very own skins .

Here you can see some of the skins:


Check out this tweet for the announcement:


Where Next?

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