How to Join

How to Join

The vibrant community shapes the journey of the expanding Moonsama NFT ecosystem.


Join our highly engaged, passionate and talented community. There are different ways to join us, with or without an NFT:

Without NFT

Enter our Pondsama metaverse alpha: Enter Metaverse

Join our community and learn more:



Visit OpenSea and buy an Exosama NFT.

Exosama is our second main NFT 2.0 collection launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Exosamas get access to our metaverses and surprises.

We have tokengated chats for Exosamas that you can access via



Visit Moonsama Marketplace and buy a Moonsama NFT.

For a more thorough guide on how to use the Moonsama Marketplace visit How to Buy and Sell.

Moonsama is our initial collection launched on the Polkadot ecosystem’s blockchain Moonriver. Moonsama is the main NFT 2.0 collection. Moonsamas get access to our metaverses, governance and surprises.

4 - Buying Moonriver or Moonbeam

We have tokengated chats for Moonsamas that you can access via

Other NFTs

Pondsama NFTs are used in our Pondsama game. Gromlin NFTs might potentially be integrated into our metaverses in the future. There are no tokengated chats for the holders of them.



Visit Raresama to learn more about Gromlins.

Visit Raresama marketplace to buy a Gromlin.



Visit Pondsama to learn more about Pondsama.

Visit Moonsama marketplace to buy a Pondsama NFT.

(or advanced: Visit Moonsama Workbench to craft yourself a Pondsama NFT).