20 - Exosama
20 - Exosama

20 - Exosama

Exosama - The future of NFTs is now!


❗Exclusive Telegram group for pre-mint participants: tokengate.exosama.com

Intro - An explosive start

On Thursday, 3rd February, 2022 - Exosama was revealed through Twitter and it quickly exploded with community excitement as interest grew to over 20k followers across social (Discord, Telegram and Twitter) channels within 2 days!

The collection includes 10,000 high-fidelity avatars and be unique to most NFTs as it will include the functionality of being composable, multi-chain, multi-resourced… Multi-verse NFTs 2.0 that can adapt to the newest trends seamlessly and have a longer lifespan than normally.

A concrete differentiating factor is we’ll have evolvable NFTs 2.0 that can have other NFTs on top of them such as weapons, in-game items, art and clothes that then we can use with our existing Exosamas. Without generating a new EXO NFT, while changing the looks and utilities of our existing Exosamas inside our metaverses. This example will get rid of boring-stagnant PNG NFTs, our Exosamas will be able to evolve by equipping other Moonsama eco NFTs to continuously change appearance and functionality.

You can see an early example (old art) of the equipment configurator below:

Features and benefits

Exosama is the latest collection from the Moonsama Multiverse that began the 21st of September 2021 and it will offer the following features and benefits to the holder:

  • It will be interoperable across multiple blockchains such as Moonbeam, Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama and Moonriver to begin with (utilising the Moonsama Multiverse Portal- to read more please see Litepaper).
  • They had instant utility right from day 1 with the NFTs being equippable into our different Metaverses such us Minecraft and the browser-based Pondsama Metaverse.
  • These NFTs are transferrable into other metaverse games such as Moonsama Minecraft and Pondsama Metaverse.
  • Currently, those who participated in the pre-mint were already playing with the Moonsama Community in the Minecraft Metaverse. In both Carnage event on Sundays (check Carnage article) and in the 24/7 active servers.
  • Holders have also access to the tokengated Discord and Telegram groups “Exosama Mansion”. Can access through tokengate.exosama.com

A World Class Team

  • Exosama is the creation of the supremely talented Moonsama co-founder Donnie BigBags
  • image

    Alongside an all star cast including:

  • Art Director - Justine Cruz, a highly experienced concept artist with extensive gaming industry experience.
  • Chief Technology Officer - Kyilkhor, a world class blockchain engineer, has successfully launched entire blockchains.
  • Advisors/partnerships with the largest Dotsama projects and beyond.

A Fair Launch Plan

Exosama’s limited pre-mint has now finished with around $4 million raised. For the public mint and regardless of the blockchain used for it, an Exosama NFT will be airdropped to each holder on the ETH mainnet. Same for pre-mint participants. Pre-mint was done (after the launch of Moonsama 2.0 art and 2.0 NFT technology) with a multi-chain approach, in ETH / GLMR / MOVR chains with USDT / USDC / DAI stablecoins.

If the public mint does happen on the Moonbeam network it will be using the network’s native token GLMR. For more info on how to purchase GLMR please see
4 - Buying Moonriver or Moonbeam

Key points about the launch of the next Moonsama collection:

It was a Fair Launch. There was no team allocation, they'll have to mint their own. 100% of funds raised going towards the development of the project.
  • There will be 10,000 NFTs in total.
  • Same price for everyone. Mint and pre-mint prices are $1000 in equivalent cryptocurrencies.
  • 2000+ will be airdropped to Moonsamas - this equates to 2 Exosama per Moonsama and Multiverse Art Skins (available through the marketplace at marketplace.moonsama.com).
  • Around 4000 whitelisted to communities of other projects and through live public whitelists over social media for pre-mint.
  • Around 1000 for the public sale.
  • Around 1000 for the team.
  • The rest will go to selected partners.
  • There will be multiple metaverse integrations.


Whitelist process has finished.
Important regarding pre-mint and mint! Due the amount of people abusing the EXO Whitelisting process, WL won’t guarantee a pre-mint. Since the very first days we made it clear that EXOSAMA (Moonsama project) and community were looking for the most passionate people, who showed real love and ensure active Polkadot ecosystem particpants don’t miss out. So everyone will be manually checked through a social verification, which is tedious and takes time but will be very benefitial for the long run. Don’t worry if you really been part of our community, you will have your spot. This is desgined against ghost accounts, whitelist grinders, scammers, impersonators….

The Exosama community team have confirmed the following opportunities to become whitelisted in the run-up to launch day:

  • Whitelists can be awarded based on activity, developing an understanding of the project and being an active part of the community and by submitting contributions such as:
    • Videos
    • Articles
    • Community artwork

Please note: Submitting a contribution does not guarantee you a whitelist, even if it stands out as it’s also important to be an active member of the community, stay positive and to get involved!

Confirming your Whitelist

Please remember only one whitelist per person.

If you were given a whitelist you needed to complete the submission of your wallet address on the Exosama discord in the following channels:


After you completed this you would have received one of the following role updates:

  • Exonergists
  • image
  • Kanaria
  • image

Exo Art

The below are the best art shared by the team on the Exosama community channels, enjoy!

Stay tuned for Exosama 2.0, where both the artwork and tech have dramatically changed from 1.0.


Bio-engineered weapons (BEM's) terrorize the inhabitants of NOVA.

What hatches from the Moonsama eggs might just be weapons utilised in the EXOSAMA universe... 🔥


Exosama Community FanArt

The rapidly growing Exosama community have been sharing their incredible talent and concepts inspired by the Exosama art, please see some of the great fanart impressions they have shared below:


@laranna_rmrk 🔥🔥


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21 - Pondsama Information

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