16 - Townhall

16 - Townhall

Introducing Moonsama Governance

On April 8th at 4pm UTC the first on-chain democracy Townhall was introduced within the Moonsama Minecraft Metaverse.

From this point on this spectacular building (see below) will now be used for Moonsama governance voting in game on all proposals brought forward by the team and community.


It has certainly caught the attention of the Dotsama community such as Ed Hesse and Gavin Wood himself tweeting and retweeting (as can be seen in the images below).



Minecraft Metaverse Services - Townhall

This Minecraft Metaverse services webpage provides the latest information on the previous results or ongoing governance voting.


Please note the above webpage also lists useful Townhall information including:
  • The server address
  • Whether a poll is open or closed
  • The initiator of the vote
  • Details for each proposal voted on
  • Results for each proposal

How to Vote

When there is a poll open, to vote a Moonsama owner would need:

1) Enter the minecraft townhall (via the portal or use of slash commands see here)

2) Go to a lectern and right-click to open the book to then select how they would like to vote.

3) After a selection within the book, the user will then be asked to confirm in the chat of their selection within a specified time. This when confirmed correctly will complete the vote.


Linking your Telegram or Discord handle

Please note: To ensure the Moonsama team or Committee can communicate with you should a need arise for the review of fair play please ensure to complete linking your telegram account in game as described here