14 - Minecraft Season

14 - Minecraft Season

Introduction to the Moonsama Season Minecraft server

After successfully completed lessons 1 through 9 you can start enjoying the amazing Moonsama Minecraft servers. In lesson 11 you learned about the chaos server and in lesson 12 you learned about the Canary server.

This lesson describes the Season server, which is host to a completely different concept.

Descriptions and explanation in this lesson are based on the first edition of the season server, as the seasons progress this lesson will be updated.

The topics below will be discussed to provide you with valuable insights:

  • Purpose of the Season server
  • Season 1 plot sales
  • You bought a plot
  • Season 1 rewards
  • Season 1 landmark tour
  • Server rules

Please note there is no substitute for actually playing and experiencing Moonsama Minecraft!

Purpose of the Season server

The purpose of the season server is to host back to back month long Moonsama Minecraft sessions where players can attempt to complete the advancements or compete for the seasonal rewards.

Both categories will be rewarded with different kinds of NFT's.

As the seasons progress, more and more modifications will keep being added to the server, which means each new season will be even more amazing as the one before!

Be sure to check out this promotional video of season 1:

Season 1 plot Sale mechanics

On the season server there are plots in the city area, for season 1 these plots could be bought for set prices, in following seasons this may change and plots may be put up for auction. It is not required to own a plot to play on the season server, you can compete for the advancement completion rewards without one. However to compete for the seasonal rewards you do need a plot. These are the official plot prices for Moonsama Minecraft Season 1:

  • Stone Plot (15x15x33): 1152 aStone
  • Wood (15x15x41): 384 aWood
  • Iron (30x30x49): 128 aIron
  • Gold (45x45x81): 64 aGold

The supply of each plot type is as follows:

  • Stone Plot: 192x
  • Wood Plot: 128x
  • Iron Plot: 12x
  • Gold Plot: 6x

There is an interactive map available by following the below url, which shows you players walking around. The map also offers chat functionality:

This is what the map looks like:


There is also a plot locator available: https://mcapi.moonsama.com/plot/

It shows you the below screen where you can simply enter your plot number, this shows the interactive map centered to the plot you are looking for:


You bought a plot

If you have acquired a plot and be sure to bridge it as outlined in lesson 8. After arriving at your plot you can manage several things from the lectern located there, the lectern looks like this:


Right click the book to call the menu:


These are the things you can manage from the lectern:

  • Edit Name:
    • Click ‘Edit Name’ and type the name in Chat (you have 30 seconds to do so)
  • Edit Member:
    • Click ‘Edit Members’ and search the list then click on who you would like to add.
  • Show Boundaries:
    • Click ‘Show Boundaries’ and purple blocks will highlight the boundaries of your plot.
  • Hide Boundaries:
    • Click ‘Hide Boundaries’ to remove the highlighted blocks.

Plot Exports

At the end of season 1 some new functionality had been added within the season server so that you could output your in-game plot as an image and customise it as per the examples shown below:


These plots will then be minted as an NFT and distributed as a souvenir for the great times and memories playing in season 1.

Seasonal Rewards structure

In general an effort is made to ensure everyone is rewarded for playing. The idea is to have a great experience and to have some awesome NFTs to go with it.

Advancement rewards:

You receive these if you complete the in game advancements, more on this in the final section of this lesson which will provide you guidance regarding completing these advancements.

The number of completed advancements will be tiered, where higher tiers receive increased rewards.

The tiers are as follows:

Tier 1 -> 20% of advancements completed

players that met this requirement received a Detectore as reward:


(Further requirement was that players needed to have a game pass (Moonsama NFT, Multiverse Art Skin, VIP Ticket or Plot) bridged at the appropriate time.

Tier 2 -> 40% of advancements completed

Tier 3 -> 60% of advancements completed

Tier 4 -> 80% of advancements completed

Tier 5 -> 100% of advancements completed

Players that completed between 40% - 100% will receive a personal reward.

Competitive rewards

These are very rare NFT rewards for the most hardcore players, a plot is required to compete for the rewards.

The specific tasks to complete for these rewards are Top Secret and have not been disclosed yet.

Please note: The competitive rewards have not been used in season 1, but they will play a part in season 2.

Minecraft Metaverse Services - Season


The Minecraft Metaverse services webpage provides the latest information on current and previous seasons and it is available at the link shared above.

Please note the above webpage also lists useful Seasonal information including:
  • A countdown for the start of a new Season to begin
  • The server address
  • The goals and details for Seasonal
  • A leaderboard summary (more detail provided in game stats)

Game Stats


Also available on the Minecraft Metaverse Services website, there is a section in Game Stats for seasonal goals which provides the following information:

  • Leaderboard - highlighting the gameplay stats for each player
  • Eligible - If the players have qualified to receive rewards

Season 1 Landmark tour

This section will provide you with general information and screenshots of landmarks.

Please note that there are many, many more landmarks.

When you arrive on the season server you arrive at the center of the city, this is where you will see this:


This is the Nether portal that will take you to the overworld where you can gather resources without restrictions, but beware there is also no protection.


Be sure to visit McDonnie's in the town centre!

Helpful villagers:

Fast travel villagers are located in each district throughout the city. They can "fast

travel" you to the various city districts:


Right click on the Villager then click on the district you wish to travel to:


The districts are named after animals.

Near the central portal there are several more villagers that can be of service to you:


Right clicking the villager above will show you your advancement progress!


Right clicking one of the villagers above will show you information about the portals, plots and season server respectively.

Season shops:

You can own your own shop on the seasonal server.

These shops will use Harberger taxation, so you'll choose your own tax and this will decide the price at which other players can buy the shop from you at any time. Currently there are 8 shops available, to get a shop you can buy someone out and take over.



In the center of the city a magnificent PvP arena has been built:


It is quite common to see Donnie flying around!


Walking or travelling around the city you will be able to enjoy Epic buildings:


Fishing lake in the squirrel district:


This just a small selection of the many landmarks, join us and have a look for yourself!

Season rules

As opposed the Canary server, PVP is quite common in the season server, however the City area is also PVP free.

Within this city realm only plot owners can build or even interact on their plot. To accomplish tasks every player will need to use the central Nether Portal to venture out into the overworld.

This will Teleport you to other outer realms where the regular Minecraft rules apply.

Please note:
  • The overworld is reset every day to ensure that there are plenty of resources available.
  • Central spawn will teleport you to a different location after each reset!

In the outer realms you can interact and PVP 🥊 to develop your skills.

If you stay above ground, the first thing should do is build a shelter for the night.

However please be ware, there is no plot protection and you may get looted so always hide the important resources.

Refer to this lesson for more Survival tips!

To ensure fairness to all players, the following rules also apply in the season server:

  • Only HeaX and Uncle Fester have admin powers.
  • All admin commands are publicly visible in the chat logs too.
  • Clans/pros/teams/groups you can declare war on each other if you want, don't grief the little guy.
    • Breaking this rule may result in being sent to the gulag!

Gulag Vote

In seasonal, people who misbehave can be voted into the gulag by moonsama holders, placing a permanent bounty on them until they improve their behaviour and are voted out of the gulag.

Simply type /vote and auto complete will suggest available topics to vote on, in this case throwing someone into the gulag or freeing them from it. After you initiate a vote, other people who are eligible to participate can cast their vote , if at least 15 Moonsama agree, the vote will pass.

You can have multiple moonsama bridged to increase your voting power, each giving you one extra vote. Neon count as 10, each player is capped at 10 voting power.

Common Moonsama Minecraft rules

All moonsama servers have the following custom features:

  • Fear of the Dark to prevent mining without torches
  • Combat Logging to prevent disconnecting to escape PVP
  • Bounty Hunting to alert other players about killers in the vicinity Moonsama Minecraft does not allow cheats. Anyone who is caught cheating may be sent to the gulag or even permanently banned. Cheaters also jeopardise their Moonsama / VIP Ticket / Multiverse Art Skin, it will be forfeit and could be burnt or auctioned off.

Anti Cheat Measures and Penalties

Moonsama Minecraft does not allow cheats, this is crucial to protect the game and the project’s integrity.

  • Anyone who is caught cheating may be sent to the gulag or even permanently banned.
  • Cheaters jeopardise their Moonsama / VIP Ticket / Multiverse Art Skin NFT, it will be forfeit and burned.


  • For anti cheat purposes, all Moonsama Minecraft servers are running detection and prevention routines, for instance for 3rd party cheats.
  • Server admins are monitoring and players are recording sessions.
  • People are encouraged to report cheating vulnerabilities to the team

In general, in the end if you cheat you will get caught, so please don’t even try!

Carnage - Top 10

  • ⚠️ Please note: If you are logged as one of the top 10 players in a carnage session for Iron, Gold, String and EXP it is required that you record your session for review by the moderators, so that they may verify the resources have been acquired fairly. If you do not the resources will not be released following the Carnage session to you.
  • Recommended and free recording software to use for carnage https://obsproject.com/

Allowed Clients

We recommend to use the original Minecraft launcher. However OptiFine modification, Lunar and Badlion clients are also allowed. These clients offer several modifications. For now only waypoints and hitbox are allowed. Modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players like seeing hitboxes through terrain are strictly forbidden.

Season 1 - Completing Advancements

One of the ways to compete for season rewards is to complete the Minecraft advancements. When you are in game, press the L key to show the advancements and the status of your progress:


You can also view the status of your advancement completion in more detail by typing the following command in game:


This shows the following screen:


Click a specific advancement for more details.

Additionally, the progress of yourself and other players will also be shown on https://marketplace.moonsama.com/ as leaderboard showing % of completion.

The following websites show you all of the possible advancements and provide you with explanations.

Linking Telegram Account

Please note: To ensure the Moonsama team or Committee can communicate with you should a need arise for the review of fair play please ensure to complete linking your telegram account in game as described here

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