12 - Minecraft Chaos

12 - Minecraft Chaos

Introduction to the Moonsama Chaos Minecraft Server

Chaos is a 24/7 active Minecraft server where the team does all the testing, like implementation of plugins and new items, and also run special events like Christmas and Rome ones.

Some community members also run their own community events to bring some more fun and keep building relationships within the community.

How did it start?

This is the second Minecraft server Moonsama opened. It's the place where all the testing was done and where the community could go to have fun while learning, preparing for Carnage event and everything which was coming, like the Canary server (the permanent city).

Everyone was having fun in here as it was open the whole day and relationships started to get stronger. Everything was pure chaos but people were really enjoying it.

It reached the point that some holders decided to start building a Fight Club and it then sparked the imagination of the community to build more events ever since!

Photos of Chaos Server, including Buildings and Events


Linking your Telegram Account

Please note: To ensure the Moonsama team or Committee can communicate with you should a need arise for the review of fair play please ensure to complete linking your telegram account in game as described here

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